Why am I experiencing performance issues with Redshift on my Windows machine?

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While other factors can cause performance issues, a known memory issue with Nvidia 500 series drivers can cause performance issues while running Cinema 4D (or your preferred DCC) and Redshift. The issue mainly occurs while running multiple GPU-accelerated tasks simultaneously. You usually won't encounter problems if you run Cinema 4D (or your preferred DCC) and Redshift alone.


Fortunately, there are two workarounds:

  • Roll back to a driver version lower than v500.xx.
    A driver that both avoids the known memory issue as well as maintains support for OptiX is **Game Ready driver v497.29. You can use a lower driver version, but you will lose support for OptiX.

  • Lower Redshift's Used GPU Memory (%) setting till performance is restored.
    As a start, 60% or 70% usually works well, but depending on how much onboard VRAM your GPU has available and how much VRAM other applications are currently using, you may need to drop the Used GPU Memory percentage below the values mentioned above.

    Here is where you can find Redshift's Used GPU Memory (%) setting in Cinema 4D:

**GeForce RTX 3090 ti and newer generation GeForce Nvidia GPUs are incompatible with driver v497.29. Quadro and A-series GPUs are also incompatible since production branch GPUs can not utilize Game Ready drivers.

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