Legacy Licenses: ZBrush on Cloned Drives

Matthew Yetter
Matthew Yetter
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When making a clone drive that includes ZBrush, it is critical that the clone be made before ZBrush has been launched.  Otherwise, all copies of ZBrush will believe that they are on the same machine, making it impossible to properly activate each computer separately.  There will be unwanted interplay between the various computers' activations.

If a clone has been created after launching ZBrush, there are only two ways to fix the situation:

  1. Create a new clone where ZBrush has been installed but never launched.
  2. Follow these steps (on ALL computers):
    1. Launch the Pixologic License Manager found in each ZBrush folder.
      1. Deactivate the current copy.
      2. Click the Reset button to clear all licensing information from that computer.
    2. Uninstall ZBrush.
    3. Reinstall ZBrush.
    4. Activate again.

Either of these approaches will resolve the licensing issue.

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