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Matthew Yetter
Matthew Yetter
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ZBrush defaults to the language that was set by the installer.  If for example the person installing ZBrush selected French on the first installation step then ZBrush itself will launch in French as well and for legacy licenses this will include the activation window.

Normally, changing languages is as easy as using the Preferences >> Language sub-palette.  However, that option will not be available until activation has completed.

If you wish to force a legacy ZBrush installation to start in another language, you can do so by closing ZBrush and editing the startuplang.txt file found in your ZBrush directory's \ZData\ZLang folder.

  • Note:  The ZData directory provides all of the various files that ZBrush requires in order to run properly.  You should not normally modify the contents of this directory in any way.  Be very careful not to make any other changes beyond editing the startuplang.txt file!

Simply replace the current contents of that file with the appropriate two letter code for your desired startup language:

  • en - English
  • fr - French
  • es - Spanish
  • de - German
  • zn - Chinese
  • ko - Korean
  • jp - Japanese

Save the file and then launch ZBrush.  It will now open in the desired language, with the activation screen properly translated.

The only time that ZBrush ever uses the startuplang.txt file is for its initial setup.  As soon as you change the language using the Preferences >> Language sub-palette your language choice will be part of the preferences settings and can no longer be altered using this text file.  You'll then use the Language sub-palette to change languages whenever you wish.

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