ZBrush Launch Screen Zoom Error on macOS

Matthew Yetter
Matthew Yetter
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In various versions of MacOS, ZBrush (or ZBrushCore or ZBrushCoreMini) may launch in a state where the UI is magnified, displaying the bottom corner of the full ZBrush UI. 

  • This is a known issue linked to a MacOS Application setting called "Low Resolution Mode"

Follow these steps to configure ZBrush to launch with full UI visibility:

1. Close ZBrush

2. Navigate to Applications\ZBrushOSX 2021\ (Or whatever the name of your installation directory is.)

3. Right click on ZBrush application > Get Info > Enable option "Open in Low Resolution Mode"

4. Launch ZBrush

5. ZBrush will now display full UI visibility (MacOS will retain this setting for future usage with ZBrush)

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