Issue: Model Starts Duplicating Itself All Over the Workspace

Matthew Yetter
Matthew Yetter
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Every now and then a model can get "stuck" in a way that it can't be sculpted on anymore and instead every brush stroke just draws a new copy of it in the view screen.

What is actually happening here is that ZBrushCore is somehow getting out of Edit mode and into a painting mode that is unique to ZBrush.  Since ZBrushCore doesn't have the buttons necessary to clear the canvas and return to Edit mode, this creates a problem.  However, there is a simple workaround to restore your work:

  1. Make sure that the model is selected in the Tool palette.
  2. Press Tool >> Copy Tool.  This creates a copy in memory of the selected model.
  3. Use LightBox to load a new project.  For example, the DynaMesh_Sphere_32.ZPR.
  4. Press Tool >> Paste Tool.  This will replace the current model with the one from memory.
  5. Save your project again and continue sculpting like normal.

This works because the loaded project contains a model that is properly in Edit mode so that ZBrushCore can use it.  Pasting your model replaces the one from the project, returning you to Edit mode without a hitch.



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