GoZ with Non-Supported Applications

Matthew Yetter
Matthew Yetter
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GOZ is an automatic system which uses several functions of ZBrush that were introduced in ZBrush 3.2 for Mac OSX and ZBrush 3.5 for Windows. These functions have mainly to do with topology editing.


It is important to understand that GoZ is an automation.  It does not introduce any functionality that is not inherently part of ZBrush.  All that it does is simplify the steps to a single button.  This means that you can easily replicate GoZ for yourself.  It merely requires some extra steps on your part.


If you need to edit your topology in a non-supported application, do the following steps: 

  • Go to the lowest level of subdivision.
    • Export your model as an OBJ file. 
  • Import it in the application of your choice. 
  • Do your topology edits or UV modifications. 
  • Export your model as an OBJ file. 
  • Switch back to ZBrush. With the original Tool still selected at its lowest subdivision level, click Tool >> Import and load the modified OBJ file. 
  • If you changed the topology, ZBrush will prompt you to project the details or not. Choose yes if you want to transfer your original sculpting to the new topology. Choose
    no if you wish to discard your original sculpting.


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