Magic Bullet 2023.2.0 - March 29, 2023

Doug Y
Doug Y
  • Updated

New features and announcements

  • Magic Bullet Looks Strength Slider: We've added an strength control slider to each tool, which can adjust preset intensity, apply custom strength values, and offers more control improving the overall image.
  • Improved Resolve Support including performance optimizations and various render issues.
  • Cloud Capsules Support which integrates easier preset management and delivery for future releases.

Bug fixes

  • MB-6932 Fixed an issue where tools were getting watermarked even though they were licensed.
  • MB-6918 Fixed an issue where the LUT tool would corrupt ACES output color profiles
  • MB-6915 Fixed crashes related to using the LUT tool's import/export options.
  • MB-6910 Fixed an issue where Renoiser would render differently when adjusting values.
  • MB-6909 Resolve: Fixed an issue where Resolve rendered double frames when Shadows and Highlights were applied.
  • MB-6908 Resolve: Fixed an issue where Resolve rendered black frames.
  • MB-6858 After Effects: Fixed an issue where Denoiser rendered incorrectly on certain values.
  • MB-6859 FCP X: Fixed an issue where Denoiser would use the wrong library if older version of Denoiser were present.
  • MB-6858 FCP X: Fixed an issue where FCP X would crash when creating animation points.
  • MB-6848 FCP X: Improved performance when setting Denoiser's Reduce Noise to higher values.
  • MB-6847 FCP X: Fixed an issue where FCP X would freeze when Denoiser was toggled on/off.
  • MB-6845 Controls no longer disappear/reappear when resizing the panel UI
  • MB-6816 After Effects/Premiere Pro: Improved denoising in comparison to FCP X
  • MB-6757 Avid: Fixed an issue where Avid locked up when MBS was installed
  • MB-6366: Compressor: Fixed an issue where plugins were watermarking when exporting through Compressor 4.4.7

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