Universe 2023.1.0 - March 29, 2023

Doug Y
Doug Y
  • Updated

New Features and Enhancements

  • New Effect: Symbol Mapper: Rebuilds your footage using letters, numbers, and symbols based on source brightness values.
  • New Presets added for Electrify, Line, Long Shadow, Prism Displacement, and RGB Separation.
  • Updated Dashboard UI + Search Function in the Dashboard and preset browsers. You can now search presets by name!
    • Note that previous favorited and most recent effects/transitions will not migrate to this new format, but favorited presets will.

Bug fixes

  • UP-7695: Fixed an issue where Array Gun was showing blank previews for all shapes in the shape browser.
  • UP-7593: Fixed an issue where Array Gun left blank spaces in the grid when only working with one shape.
  • UP-6344: Camera shake now renders correctly when applied to text.
  • UP-7686: VHS status icon now shows when Include Icon is toggled.
  • UP-7659: Fixed an issue where Glow had a glitchy output when applied to vertical clips.
  • UP-7191: Fixed an issue where the Dashboard and Preset gallery rendered blank
  • UP-3888: Resolve HUD components no longer cause artifacting.
  • UP-7660: Fixed an issue where HUD Arc components had a split.
  • UP-7311: Removed black borders around Logo Motion on some hosts.
  • UP-7250: Fixed an issue where noise wouldn't animate on some tools like VHS.

Known Issues

  • UP-7527: Luster's reflection map source selection has no effect.
  • UP-7482: Universe renders a black output on some systems.
  • UP-7990: Logo Motion has incorrect position values for Start/Idle/End in Resolve
  • UP-7789: White pixels render around the edges of some media on Mac.
  • UP-7756: 3D Transitions don't render over black in Avid.

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