Why am I not able to use the new Commander after hitting Shift+C in Cinema 4D 2023.2 and newer?

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If you had customized shortcuts in 2023.0 or 2023.1 and installed Cinema 4D 2023.2 to the default path, the Shift+C shortcut for Commander will continue to map to the legacy Commander rather than the new one.


To resolve this, you must manually remap Shift+C to the new "Commander...".


First, open the Command Manager, which can be accessed by going to Window > Customization > Command Manager or by using the hotkey Shift+F12.

Next, in the Command Manager, select Commander... (Commander (Legacy) is the old Commander), then in the Shortcut field, hit, Shift+C and click the Assign button.


Once complete, you should be able to access the new Commander.

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