Knoll Light Factory Deprecation

Doug Y
Doug Y
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Knoll Light Factory was discontinued in 2023 as of the VFX 2023.3.0 release, and is no longer distributed as part of VFX line of products.

If users had a previous installation of it, it would've remained available to them for legacy project compatibility. No future support or updates will be provided.

Q: How do I reinstall Knoll Light Factory?

A: If you do not have KLF installed and need to reinstall it, you can do so by installing version VFX 2023.2.0, which was the last VFX line of products that had Knoll Light Factory in it.

Afterwards, you can then (re)update to the latest version of VFX, and Knoll Light Factory will still be present in the effects menu, however it will not be updated to work with anything later than Adobe CC 2023.

  1. To install VFX 2023.2.0, select Install > Other Versions across from VFX in the Maxon App
  2. Then select VFX 2023.0.

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