Why am I experiencing issues overwriting Cinema 4D Pyro simulations or caching beyond a certain number of frames?

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We are currently investigating this issue, but one possible cause that we've identified involves the VDB export settings in your Cinema 4D preferences.


As a potential workaround, we recommend resetting your VDB export settings back to their default values prior to caching a Pyro simulation.


You can find the VDB Export settings in Cinema 4D by navigating to Edit > Preferences. From there, expand the Import/Export list and select Volume (*.vdb) Export.


Here's a screenshot to provide some clarity on how to access the VDB Export settings:


Once you've opened the VDB Export settings, simply change the 'Preset' to 'Default', then Restart Cinema 4D for the settings to save to your Cinema 4D preferences.



If this doesn't resolve the issue, please feel free to open a new support ticket so we can assist you further. You can open a new ticket here:  Open A Support Ticket

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