Redshift 3.5.16 (2023.06) - June 14, 2023

Doug Y
Doug Y
  • Updated
  • [Max] Redshift Camera Attributes modifier now supports camera effects and backplate
  • [Max] Redshift globals in Environment & Effects provides scene upgrade utility for converting to new camera options
  • [Max] Reduced bogus IPR restarts when modifying camera settings
  • [Max] Deprecated Redshift Bokeh and Redshift Lens Distortion global effects
  • [Max] Deprecated Redshift Camera Effects modifier
  • [Max] Fixed a bug in 3ds Max 2024 plugin where alpha channel cannot be edited in Redshift Color Picker
  • [Max] Fixed unwanted material name prefixes when exporting proxies
  • [Max] Fixed issue selecting rectangular/disc area lights in viewport when clicking on the directional indicator
  • [Maya] Added support for Maya 2024 (Windows only, macOS and Linux will follow in 3.5.17)
  • [Maya] Allow Fisheye FOV beyond 180deg (up to 360deg)
  • [C4D] Addressed an issue leading to fatal assertion/crash when rendering material previews under certain conditions
  • [C4D] Addressed an issue leading to reduced interactivty in IPR when procedural projections were used
  • [C4D] Addressed a rare crash when closing a scene while viewport previews were being prepared
  • [C4D] Addressed an issue leading to certain MoGraph objects triggering unnecessary IPR refreshes
  • [C4D] Addressed an issue leading to slow extraction when a cloner is used in the in/exclusion list of an RSLight
  • [C4D] Improved the material preview scheduling which now gives IPR more time to start rendering before servicing previews
  • [C4D] Added material preset for Principled Hair
  • [Houdini] Added support for Houdini 19.5.640 and dropped support for 19.5.534
  • [Houdini] Added support for the regular Houdini pattern syntax to the RS Proxies exclussion lists
  • [Houdini] Added support for op: and opdef: textures in the background image parameter
  • [Houdini] Added new option to disable the Redshift Procedurals to the OBJ nodes RS parameters
  • [Houdini] New console warning message if the Houdini and plugin versions don't match
  • [Houdini] Exposed some missing utility nodes inside the Redshift USD MaterialBuilder tab menu
  • [Houdini] IPR pre and post render/frame scripts enabled by default
  • [Houdini] Camera color correction curves data params exposed to allow edit or copy/paste the values
  • [Houdini] Addressed the IPR update of the custom light shaders if they are not inside subnets
  • [Houdini] Addressed the Redshift VOP nodes input lists to show the pretty and internal input names
  • [Houdini] Fixed a problem with the Alembic procedural time offsets
  • [Houdini] Fixed an RenderView crash while rendering scenes that include old camera nodes without the new backplate parameters
  • [Houdini] Fixed a rare problem with the DOF in the RenderView while updating some other parameters
  • [Houdini] Fixed a problem with the first frame motion blur while rendering packed geo instances
  • [Hydra] Added support for Solaris 19.5.640 and dropped support for 19.5.534
  • [Hydra] Added new Redshift RenderVars LOP node
  • [Hydra] Added support to display the cryptomatte colors on the Solaris Viewport
  • [Hydra] Added a new "Particles" tab to the RS render geometry settings, which includes options to control the scale of particles
  • [Hydra] Added new option to the Redshift and RenderVars LOPs to configure the bits per channel of the main beauty AOV
  • [Hydra] Added support of op: and opdef: references in the texture params of the area and dome lights nodes
  • [Hydra] Improved support for opdef: referenced assets for husk batch rendering
  • [Hydra] Updeted viewport render options to include the buckets sampling and the enable volume scattering options
  • [Hydra] Fixed a problem in the Linux builds introduced in the previous version
  • [Hydra] Fixed several issues in the Scene Import LOP scripts related to the new optical camera params
  • [Hydra] Fixed a crash while rendering render maps including multiple objects
  • [Blender] Fixed issue with Physical Sky linked Sunlight
  • [Blender] Added support for Deformation Blur
  • [Alembic Procedural] Fixed a crash while rendering objects with less deformation samples than the scene motion blur steps
  • [Alembic Procedural] Fixed a problem with the displacement auto bumpmap
  • [Alembic Procedural] Added support for tangents based shading effects
  • [RT] Improved temporal convergence, resulting in less noise on camera movement
  • [RT] Fixed a bug that could cause ghosting on large camera movements
  • [RT] Fixed a bug that could cause slow convergence on camera movement
  • [RT] Fixed a bug where the denoiser would blur too much after a projection change
  • [RT] Antialiasing is sharper and very close to production in terms of quality
  • [RT] Antialiasing responds to the user values in RenderSettings/Sampling/Filter
  • [All] Ramp shaders that request UV inputs to drive the ramp will now automatically get uv attributes assigned to them
  • [All] Improved random walk SSS precision for objects that are far away from the origin
  • [All] Fixed bug where switching hardware accelerated ray tracing on or off could sometimes not properly tessellate meshes
  • [All] Disabling VRAM workaround introduced in 3.5.15 for systems that have NVLink over SLI (and not TCC) enabled as the workaround doesn't work well with SLI
  • [All] Fixed a bug in RedshiftCmdLine which prevented AOVs from being denoised when OIDN was used
  • [All] Fixed bug where REDSHIFT_GPUDEVICES was not working properly
  • [All] Fixed bug that would cause portal lights to break when the new backplate feature is enabled
  • [All] Fixed bug that broke Altus dual-pass on 3.5.15

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