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You can always invite an User to be part of your team. To do it, you just have to send an invitation, where the user you receive an e-mail inviting them to join your team. the invitation also allow you to invite user to join your Team and an specific group, or just to join your team without any group linked yet. You are also allowed do add or remove users from a specific group after the invitation was sent.


Note: All users will have access to licenses only when they have accepted the invitation and have a valid individual license(s) assigned to them or are part of a group(s), which can be specified during the invitation message, that also has valid licenses assigned to them.


To invite new users to join your Team from the Users Tab, you must click on the Add New Users button.


Add Users.gif


It will open a modal where you can select one or multiple groups at a time. Here you will also find a table with all groups on your Team and a search field where you can search by group name. It will open a modal, where you can fill out the invitation.

  • Groups: By default it does not invite/assign the user to any specific group, adding the user to a “Default group”. It can be altered, by clicking on the drop-down on the right side, where you can select any existing group on your Team.
  • Email address: This is a mandatory field where you can add one or more emails that you would like to invite to join your Team. If you add multiple emails, they must be separated by a comma or space.
  • User name: This is an optional field where you can add the Name of the user you are inviting.
  • Email text: This is an optional field where you can add any text you would like you are inviting to see.
  • Language: By default, all invitations are sent in English, but if you want to, you can change it to German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Mandarin, Korean, or Japanese




Invitation Tab

After sending the invite, you can check and manage it from the invitation tab (highlighted below). Here you can use the search field for searching invites by email or name, you can check the invitation status, and by clicking on the (…) More button of an invitation row, you can either delete or resend the invitation.




Invitation Email

Here you can see an example of the invite. The user then needs to click on ‘View your invitations’ or just copy the link into a browser. If the user does not have an account they will be prompted to create one. They will then see further details of their invitation, which they must accept.

Note: Once the user has accepted the invitation, you will be able to see them listed in the users' table. They are now a member of the Team and you can assign licenses to them and/or add them to groups


If a user is unsure if they have successfully joined a Team they should look at the bottom of their licenses page, under their Account identifier they will see the labels of any groups they are currently part of.

*Hint - A user can check whether Admin status has been granted by the presence of a cogwheel by their Team tag on the bottom of the Licenses page.

Please Note: A user can be part of one or multiple Teams, under one or multiple Teams. Membership is not exclusive.


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