Tokenized Encrypted Passwords

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The following instructions will allow the administrator of a system to log in and generate a license token using the Maxon App mx1 tool for that system. Once generated, a non-admin user may log into that system and utilize Maxon products available for the Maxon account that the admin logged in with.

In order to store the password, the admin will need to open the mx1 tool using the Command Prompt in Administrator mode on Windows or Terminal on Mac.


1. Launch Terminal
2. cd to the Maxon App Tools folder

cd /Library/Application\ Support/Maxon/Tools


1. Open Command Prompt (in admin mode)
2. cd to the Maxon App Tools folder

cd C:\Program Files\Maxon\Tools

From here you will need to enter the mx1 command below. For best results, ensure that you enclose both the [username] and [password] in quotes. For Mac use a single quote and for Windows use a double quote.


 ./mx1 user login -u '[username]' -p '[password]' --store 


 mx1 user login -u "[username]" -p "[password]" --store 

For example if your username is with a password of Cru3lSh03s! and you want to use the Terminal on Mac, the resulting command would be:

./mx1 user login -u '' -p 'Cru3lSh03s!' --store 

If successful, the Successfully logged in message will appear. If you wish to view the token, include the flag -v in the above command.

You can also omit the -p [password] from the command. This will require the admin to then manually enter the password immediately following the press of the enter key. The command line will not show the password as it is being typed. However, you will know if the password is incorrect if you receive a login error.

If the admin so wishes, they can utilize the mx1 user info command to confirm that the user correctly logged in. Otherwise, the admin may now log out of the OS.

A non-admin account can now log into the machine. The license token is stored and use of the products are available. There will be no need to open the Maxon App GUI.

Logging out of the account will remove the hashed token. This will need to be done via the mx1 tool with the mx1 user logout command. Once in stored password token mode, the option to logout via the Maxon App GUI is removed until the user removes the token.

If you wish to keep the non-admin user from having access to the Maxon App GUI (which will allow them to assign/release licenses, install/uninstall programs, etc.) you can move the Maxon App GUI to the Desktop of the admin account. This will allow the admin to have access to the features of the Maxon App GUI such as the the above mentioned as well as doing things like creating a bug report, which is useful for troubleshooting should issues arise. You can find the Maxon App GUI executables in the location below.


/Applications/Maxon App


C:\Program Files\Maxon\App Manager\Maxon App.exe 

It is also possible to install a headless version of the Red Giant Service that will include all essential items for use. Only the GUI will not be present in the event the admin does not wish non-admin accounts to have an interface to interact with. Instructions for this can be found here:

Running Scripted Installers

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