A Guide to Maxon Subscriptions

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What are Subscriptions? 

Maxon primarily operates a Subscription Business Model. This means our products are paid for in advance with an expected recurring charge - like most subscription services. 

What length subscriptions do you offer?

We offer subscriptions, in both monthly, and annual recurring payments.

You can choose your preferred payment schedule by using the options on the Buy Page;


MonthlyOccurs from the date of purchase for 1 calendar month and rebills 3 days prior to the licence expiration.


Yearly - Occurs from the date of purchase from 1 calendar year and rebills 10 days prior to the licence expiration.


Why do you take the money before the licence renewal date?

As our software can be mission-critical to a lot of businesses and individuals, we want to ensure there is plenty of time to fix any payment issues before the licence expires. 

Can you change the payment date?

Unfortunately, we are unable to edit the payment dates.


I want the annual licence but can I pay for it monthly?

The annual licence is discounted and needs to be paid for in one go. You cannot spread the cost of the annual licence through payments with us, however, other payment methods may allow you to do this, such as PayPal or your Credit Card.


Can I pay for X number of months/years in one go?

If you wish to run one of our monthly subscriptions, for a specific period of time, you would need to let the monthly licence auto-renew - then cancel in the final month.

How can I cancel or renew my subscriptions?


Warning - If you purchase "3", you will purchase 3 monthly/annual licences, not 1 licence for 3 months/years.

Note - You can always cancel auto-renewal and then Manually Renew Licences to your required length - (if you wanted 3 months, you can manually renew twice)

How do I go from a monthly to an annual subscription?

You will need to cancel the auto-renew of your subscription, and start a new annually paid licence when your monthly licence is due to expire.


Warning - we cannot refund overlapping subscriptions if you choose to purchase an annual licence before your monthly one expires. 

How do I pause my membership?

If you are on a monthly paid subscription, you can stop auto-renew if you no longer want the licence, and then manually renew when you wish to restart. 
How do I manually renew my subscription? 

If you are on an annually paid licence, you cannot pause your subscription mid-way through a year.

Warning - releasing your licence, or not using the products, does not pause or cancel your subscription. 

Note - We do not track users' usage of their subscriptions, so we cannot tell if/when you do or do not use your licence.


How many computers can I use my subscription on?

The Maxon subscription system, allows you to install our software on as many machines as you like and as many times as you need. However, only allows you to use a single licence on a single machine at one time. This licence can easily be moved to different computers, using the steps in the FAQ below;

How do I use my subscription on a different computer? 

Can I Split My Maxon One License Among Multiple Devices?


How do I increase the number of seats on my licence?

To increase the number of licences on a single product please see the FAQ below;

How can I increase the number of seats on my licence? 

Warning - this will increase the number of licences for a single product on 1 account. These cannot be allocated to different accounts or accessed by multiple users. Can only be managed and activated by the original account.

How do I transfer the licence to my users?

If you are the purchaser of the licence, but not the user, you cannot allocate the licence to someone else with a standard account or licence. 

Customer Support may be able to move the licence for you, but we recommend purchasing on the account that will use the licence.

Warning - if Customer Support is able to move the licence, the Purchase History and Subscription Management will not move and will stay on the purchasing account. 

Note - If you have multiple users but want a central place to manage them, you may be better off upgrading to a Teams Account. Please Contact our Sales Team to discuss Teams Account options. 


I've bought a licence, but it still says I'm on the trial.

Purchasing a licence does not automatically replace the trial licence on your account. You will need to unassign the Trial Licence from the Maxon App and then assign your Commercial licence.

How do I switch from my Trial License?


How many licences can I have on my account?

The MyMaxon account is not like a Streaming service, which has various tiers that you switch between (i.e. a Universe Account, or a Maxon One account) The MyMaxon account is a repository for your products and can hold any number of licences. It is therefore possible to purchase multiple licences on one account. Some users have multiple computers they wish to use the same software on at once whilst a small business may use it to purchase licences for all of our products and share account access.

Warning - Purchasing a new licence for Maxon One/Red Giant Complete/Cinema 4D+Redshift will not upgrade your account if you have a singular product licence. This will give you 2 licences - to upgrade a licence please see this FAQ.

Note - You can always check what licences you have on your account at my.maxon.net 

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