How do I set up my Teams Dashboard for use within an Educational Institution?

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Firstly, please reach out to your Account Manager to assist you in the process of upgrading your MyMaxon Account to a Teams Dashboard. 


Once that is complete, we can then set up your Teams Dashboard to work perfectly within an Educational Institution environment! 


The benefit of setting up your classrooms this way is:

  • We will utilize our Tokenized Passwords account method to allow your machines to remain logged into the Maxon App and licensed!
    • This means your students don't need to trouble themselves with logging in/ out of the Maxon App to obtain a license.
    • Also, you do not need to worry about inviting all of your students! 
  • Your Educational licenses will float within a Group so you do not have to worry about managing each individual license. 


Here are the steps:

  1. Log into the Teams Dashboard by logging into and clicking the "Teams" tab
  2. Invite and add a single User to the Teams Dashboard
  3. Create a Group and assign that single User to the Group 
  4. Assign all Licenses to the Group
  5. Set up your account login token following these steps on your machines

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